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Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Future
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Gannet at the World Startup Expo, Bangalore 2016

We had a booth at the World Startup Expo this week, from Nov 21-23. Ganneters have Nascomm 10000 Startups and Cocoon Ventures to thank for this opportunity. As a startup, we are usually wary about investing in non-digital marketing! In this case, the organizers...

President Obama talks about Driverless cars

President Obama talks about driverless cars, and connecting some of the ethical challenges to similar discussions in other industries. This is worth hearing. He shows a grasp of the topic, and also taking care that the end consumer's voice and concerns are heard. Even...

Introducing Gannet Engineering

Gannet Engineering is here now folks! We are a Controls and Application engineering company, Incorporated on June 8 2016. We have set out to disrupt the way product development happens in the traditional Automotive, Industrial and Defense sectors.

Nature sets the benchmark for engineering

As cars go driverless and machines talk to each other, we may be approaching yet another transformative period in industrialization. One thing that hasn't changed in our imagination through the previous three Industrial revolutions is how nature continues to inspire...