I can post this, finally! Gannet Engineering now exists, has a team, three technology partners, and we are all set to go!

Gannet is a Controls and Application engineering company, Incorporated on June 10 2016. We have set out to disrupt the way product development happens in the traditional Automotive, Industrial and Defense sectors.

In the age of ‘Smart everything’, and in-vehicle entertainment, Gannet has chosen to focus on more familiar big & tough problems. We would like to make an impact on Emissions and Road Safety challenges in India and other emerging markets which are in the most interesting part of the development curve. See the controversial Environmental Kuznet’s curve. We consider the emerging market and the hunger for leapfrog technologies the perfect lab to create and validate solutions that will work anywhere in the globe.

Gannet engineers are passionate about continuous improvement, and technology-led rethink of product development in the more safety critical applications (automotive, defense, locomotive…).

Keep visiting our website and this blog to learn more about these exciting technologies in the next weeks and months. Prefer LinkedIn? We are there too.

Rather than secrecy, Openness and Knowledge Transfer are central to how we work with our customers.

Rather than the traditional rigid HR model, Gannet engineers will have the most flexible, and most empowering work environment in the industry. We believe strongly in the thought: Culture eats Strategy for breakfast.

So in all respects, we have started this new company by a focus on things we are really passionate about (and skilled in) and hope for support from our Employees, Customers, Partners and friends in this journey!

Gannet has already signed up three great technology partners even as we got incorporated! Please visit our Partners page to learn more about them. Psst… one more is along the way, and we are very excited about this addition to our family of likeminded technology entrepreneurs. Watch this space to learn more!