We had a booth at the World Startup Expo this week, from Nov 21-23.

Ganneters have Nascomm 10000 Startups and Cocoon Ventures to thank for this opportunity. As a startup, we are usually wary about investing in non-digital marketing! In this case, the organizers played a big role in enabling our attendance, and it turned out to be a very good decision for us.

One of the nice by-products of this presence was an ability to attend the WSE Conference. This proved quite informative with some great insights from startup veterans.

We also met a few other startups who we felt we could collaborate with, as well as some students and service providers.

Another nice byproduct was tradional marketing material (Finally!). Flyers, visiting cards, Rollup-standee… and all the jazz. Well, we had to get around to doing that eventually! Maybe some day, we will get ourselves a glass & steel building too 🙂