Over the past few years, Indian OEMs, Startups and Universities have been developing Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric vehicles of various flavors.

One of the observations we at Gannet Engineering have made is that many have chosen to do a quick component selection, and go straight to the workshop skipping Requirements Engineering and Simulations altogether. The approach often appears to be: pick the Motor based on performance requirements, Battery system based on various constraints, and spec the rest trying to keep the cost under control.

This approach does have the advantage of very quickly seeing a first cut of the vehicle running in the real world than on the PC! But in the absence of proper Vehicle Dynamics analysis, Thermal simulations, Requirements engineering and Controls simulations, it also comes with serious disadvantages, not least of which is safety.

Watch this video by Dhamodharan V at #SIAT2019 that looks at just one of these aspects: impact of mass distribution on vehicle dynamics during EV Conversion. Dhamo shows how it is possible to refine hardware selection through a simple simulations approach avoiding costly changes later!

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